How to trade in China, according to beauty trading experts

by | Jan 25, 2023

UK success stories in the Chinese market feel novel. Take British brand’s Vitabiotics expansion which has seen 30-40% year on year growth in the market since 2015, or, Argentum Apothecary’s launch into China Duty Free just a year after making the jump.

BeautyMatter is working with the British Beauty Council on its upcoming London Summit, Decoding the Chinese Beauty Market. The event will inspire and educate you on how to trade in China successfully

The Chinese beauty market is the second largest beauty market in the world, valued at $59 billion in 2022 and set to grow at 9.2% for the next 5 years.

As the market, and its consumers, continue to evolve due to a re-emergence post-Covid, increased investment in infrastructure, and changes to compliance – the market provides an exciting opportunity for UK expansion.

Chinese beauty-lovers have adapted alongside these socio-economic shifts. Now, people seeking increasingly efficacious, planet-friendly products that live up to their social media hype.

Mintel’s The Green BPC Consumer research says: ‘Half of consumers are looking for products that are absolutely safe, and 43% are looking for products with medical benefits.’ And, the insights company also notes that ‘53% of people believe that biotech ingredients are the primary factor in their choice of efficacious skincare products’, in its Women’s Facial Skincare report.

Want to learn how to navigate this ever-evolving, digital-driven, increasingly-accessible market? BeautyMatter’s event, which is supported by the Department for International Trade and Azoya, will uncover all of the insights you need to take your first step in the direction of expansion.

Head to the events page to find out more and sign-up.

Learn how to trade in China with panel talks from leading beauty trading experts, including: 

Franklin Chu – Managing Director, Azoya

Azoya was launched in 2013, with the aim of helping international retailers and brands to enter the Chinese online market. Since then, the founders have helped over 35 businesses from around the world successfully crack the Chinese online market. Franklin Chu is Managing Director of the company and who  is an expert and speaker in China cross-border e-commerce, where Beauty & Cosmetics are leading categories.

Julia Dickenson – Of Counsel, Baker McKenzie

In 2021, new rules brought in significant changes to the regulation of cosmetic ingredients and products in China. The most significant change was that General Cosmetics could be imported into China without pre-market animal testing. Despite this change, UK brands face lesser-known hurdles when expanding into the market.

Julia Dikenson, senior associate at Baker McKenzie, and representatives from the Department for International Trade will be available to answer all of your compliance, regulation, and legal questions.

Jing Zhang – Global Editor-In-Chief, Jing Daily

Most British brands face their biggest challenges when they try to flip their brand for the Chinese consumer, and all of their digital platforms. Haven’t wrapped your head around WeChat or want to learn more about how Little Red Book drives sales? Jing Daily’s EIC will be at the event to make it crystal clear.

Head to the events page to find out more and sign-up.

Header image was taken at the Council’s previous summit ‘Decoding the Changing Face of US Beauty’. Couldn’t make it? Click here to find out what you missed.


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