Holland & Barrett reveals top wellness trends for 2022

by | Dec 9, 2021

Holland & Barrett (H&B) has today launched its first Wellness Trends report, showcasing seven up-and-coming trends which are set to make a real difference to the nation’s wellbeing.

Throughout 2021, immunity dominated the wellness landscape with H&B revealing that immune-supporting supplements vitamin D, cod liver oil, and vitamin C + Zinc effervescent were the top three most popular purchases amongst H&B customers. Collagen also saw a huge 94% increase in sales from 2020 to 2021 putting the beauty from within trend firmly on the radar.


H&B’s look ahead has uncovered trends within the areas of gut health, beauty from within, sleep, stress, on-the-go nutrition, and wellness diagnostic tools, as opportunities for wellbeing to flourish once again.


“When it comes to wellness, we’ve been looking after the nation for over 150 years, and we want to make it a way of life for everyone. From the products we develop, to the passion and knowledge of our colleagues and our commitment to becoming a more responsible retailer, at H&B we constantly look forwards to make sure our customers have everything they need to thrive.
As we looked towards a new year, we pulled together our team of nutritionists, trend forecasters and product developers to research and review the areas of wellbeing that will help the nation thrive. From the hot new ingredients you’ve not yet heard of to the latest in diagnostics, our Wellness Trends report ensures our customers can benefit from our longstanding wellness experience.”

– Harvey Bennett, Customer Managing Director, Holland & Barrett


The seven wellness trends include:

Amino acid-based natural supplements: the key to quality shut-eye:

  • Natural alternatives to sedatives work with your body’s natural rhythms;
  • L-glycine and 5-HTP set to lead the charge when it comes to the compounds everybody will be talking about.

Tension-easing adaptogenics:

  • Plant-based substances found in nature that may help the body during stressful times;
  • Two adaptogens likely to become more popular are mango leaf and Rhodiola rosea.


  • The new biotic on the block joining pre and pro is postbiotics;
  • In 2022, H&B is launching their most advanced biotic gut health range, Tribiotics, one of the first ranges to contain all three stages of the biotic journey.

Collagen complementing lycopene & ceramides:

  • New actives being added to the great benefits collagen has to offer – what we think of as ‘Collagen+’.
  • In particular, the benefits of combinations of collagen with lycopene and ceramide extracts

Fermented supplements:

  • Supplements are an easier way to help incorporate the benefits of Kombucha into the daily routine, instead of products that need to be kept in the fridge;
  • Look out for a quality H&B kombucha supplement coming in 2022.

 Complete Nutrition:

  • We are now seeing life return to what we were all used to pre-Covid. More and more of us are looking for no-regrets, on-the-go meal choices. We want to know exactly what we eat, even if we’re too busy for sit-down meals;
  • 2022 will see Holland & Barrett launch their newest category – an exciting selection of nutritionally complete products from a number of leading brands.

Nutrient bio-hacking:

  • The rise of nutrient testing and diagnostics;
  • One of the most accessible forms of bio-hacking is nutrigenomics, which looks at the effect food has on the expression of certain genes and genetic pathways and in turn, how our genes affect the nutritional environment.


“We are always looking ahead at the wellness trends, and new efficacious ingredients that will enhance our products and experiences for our customers. For 2022 we’ve taken the next step with the creation of our wellness trends report. 2021 saw the launch of 1746 new products and for 2022 we are announcing more product innovations in line with the trends, to encourage people to take action and embrace their wellness once again.”

Geraldine Waterton, Head of Brand, Holland & Barrett 


Click here to access the full report.

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