Hermès are launching a Lipstick line and we cannot wait!

by | Jan 27, 2020

As perfectly put by Charlotte Bitemead for Elle “Hermès make-up is coming people.”

Announced initially in the WSJ, Hermès is set to launch a 24 shade collection of lipsticks in both matte and satin textures. The colours are based on their extensive silk scarf collection whilst the texture is inspired by their iconic Birkin Bag. It is also reported by Harpers Bazaar that the lip colours are lightly scented, with the brand’s perfumer Christine Nagel creating a completely custom blend especially for the lipsticks.

What is more, the Lipsticks are refillable! Continuing on the back of the rise of conscious consumerism, the lipsticks will be housed in metal (not plastic casing) with a refill costing approx £33 and a new lipstick approx £52. (Elle)

The Lipsticks are set to launch in March and it will not stop there with more beauty launches reportedly on their way…

Every six months for the near future, Hermès plans to launch a new cosmetics category. The company won’t yet confirm any delivery dates or future product lines—“at our own pace” is a phrase often used at Hermès so as not to ensnare its creatives in rigid delivery schedules—but foundations and eye and cheek colors are not far behind, to be followed eventually by skin care.

Now we can all indulge in a little Hermès!


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