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by | May 7, 2020

As we edge ever closer to Sunday 8 May when the UK Government plans to share their guidance for the next phase of lockdown, British Beauty Council has been observing European countries and the States as their beauty business owners and staff now navigate their return to work. We share a snapshot below. 

Estetica Magazine reports that lockdown measures have been adjusted for businesses, depending on whether shops and outlets are located in a “red” (considered still critical) or “green” (lockdown lifting clearance) zone. Should they fit into the green zone, they can reopen on 11 May, provided distancing within the business is effectively managed and both employees & customers wear the right masks.

Much like the British Beauty Council is doing so in the UK, Franck Provost, President of the National Council of Hairdressing Companies (CNEC), and Christophe Doré, first Vice-President of UNEC, have worked with various social partners to propose a complete roadmap to the French government. This will allow hair salons to reopen at the earliest opportunity and allow for the safe return of all hairdressing services.

Franck Provost President CNEC for Estetica Magazine

PPE & Cleaning Protocol
The advice includes mandatory use of masks and glasses for hairdressers, and for barbers, a visor in addition. Interestingly, the use of gloves has long been debated with scientists and will not be mandatory, with the exception of technical services, e.g. colouring.

After every client, hairdressers will be expected to:

  • Disinfect their entire work area and tools after every client
  • Wash their hands
  • and change all their PPE.

Customers are to wash their hands when entering the salon and use hand sanitiser. They will wear disposable / machine washable bathrobes, all of which are to be washed with disinfectant detergent and dried in a tumble-dryer.

Social Distancing Measures
In order to maintain social distancing, French salon owners are expected to:

  • Ensure a distance of 1 metre is maintained between each styling station
  • Use alternate backwashes for hair washing
  • Make sure shampooing is mandatory
  • Maintain appointments by reservation only.

Customers in turn will be expected to come alone, so as not to break spacing rules.

The team has estimated that these new hygiene rules will cost 2 – 3 Euros per customer and it will be down to each professional to decide how to cover these costs.

Hair salons across Germany were the latest establishments to reopen their doors on Monday 4 May in response to growing demand for haircuts under lockdown. Whilst our patron Treatwell has reported that booking periods in Germany have gone from 7 days to 23. The below changes have been implemented by local hair salons and barbers:

  • Styling chairs are to be kept at a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from each other
  • Washing hair before cutting is compulsory
  • Face-to-face grooming, such as beard trimming or eyebrow tinting, is banned
  • Hairdressers must wear single-use aprons and disinfect scissors and brushes between each client
  • Face masks are compulsory for both customers and stylists.

Whilst the traditional additional touches of free magazines and beverages will no longer be provided for the foreseeable future, to further minimise risk of contamination.

USA – Atlanta focus
Over in the US, Glossy has reported that State Governor Brian Kemp in Georgia permitted hair salons to reopen as early as 24 April. Georgia’s state guidelines require salons to operate at a reduced capacity to maintain social distancing measures.



  • To cope with social distancing measures affecting the pace of client appointments, some salons are taking pre-payments from clients and are booked until the end of June to accommodate all clients
  • Some salons have increased service fees by $5 to make up for the additional outgoings on personal protective equipment
  • Once customers enter, they are required to wear non-surgical face masks and wash their hands
  • The state of New Hampshire has requested that salons only offer cutting and colour services, no blow-dries so as to reduce contact time.

Meanwhile, nail technicians are looking to stagger appointments, with some planning to reduce client to 50%. Despite these changes, some salons are reporting to be booked as far as up to the end of July.

Keep an eye on Beauty Bytes as we share official guidelines from our affiliates and patrons from Monday 11 May onwards.

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