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by | Apr 30, 2020

In a celebration of compassion and unity, Beauty Papers Issue VIII, ‘Revolution’, shares
the practical and emotional service Haircuts4Homeless offer.

Founded by Stewart Roberts in 2014, the registered charity goes far beyond simply giving a free haircut; it rebuilds
resilience, confidence and self-worth for people living on the streets. From a posture that has become crouched, defensive and defeated, these people unfold as they straighten up, smile, chat and make eye contact as the simple but transformative process of a haircut takes place. Stewart’s magic finish is a head massage, and seeing the pleasure in receiving this on the face of someone who hasn’t a home, a job or a purpose is enough to make you cry. But it must be remembered that it’s not pity that makes a difference, but effective, practical help.

This is why Beauty Papers donated £1 of every Issue 8 copy sold. As a magazine that viscerally responds to the shrinking freedoms of our world with an explosion of individuality, creativity, diversity and unity, featuring the work of Stuart and Haircuts4Homeless complements their message. The 10-page feature appears alongside Harry Styles x Beauty Papers collaboration, in keeping with the sentiment ‘Treat People with Kindness’ that resonates loudly throughout the issue. To accompany the spread, photographer and filmmaker Simon Emmett has collaborated with the Beauty Papers team to capture the power of Haircuts4Homeless in a beautiful series of portraits and a film. The documentary will eventually premiere at Soho House, promoting Stuart’s heartfelt work and his unsung heroes in a moving representation of community and kindness.


It’s time to open hearts and minds to new ideas, especially during times like these – to adjust perception and inspire positive change. Founded by Maxine Leonard and Valerie Wickes, Beauty Papers sets out to examine and explore these new ideas that shape how we understand beauty today.

“The idea for a new kind of beauty magazine is something I had sat with for a while. Frustrated by observing the lack of diversity in the industry and the dangerous message that one ideal fits all, I felt there was a real need to voice a different approach. So when on a last train home from Paris whilst chatting with Valerie we found common ground in our observations – the idea for Beauty Papers was born.” – Maxine Leonard, Founder & Editor in Chief.

Visit Beauty Papers’ site for more details and follow them on Instagram @beautypapersmag.

To learn more about Haircuts4Homeless and the amazing work Stewart and the team carry out, go to, and follow their journey at @haircuts4homelessuk. You can also listen to Stewart’s humbling podcast Hear Me, See Me.

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