HABIC: Stay informed, stay safe in Ireland

by | Mar 18, 2020

Our affiliate, the Hair and Beauty Industry Confederation Ireland (HABIC), fully encourages all organisations/ members to follow the guidance of the HSEHPSCWHO, GOV.ie and strictly implement the Social Distancing.

They have provided the below information to make sure you are fully clued up on current advice and precautions

Salon Owners

Many salons nationally are making the very hard decisions to close their doors. For many salons they cannot implement the requirement of social distance and are concerned for the safely of their clients, employees and families.

There is also a noticeable social pressure building from the general public for the closure of publicly facing organisations, this is felt by local businesses, in local communities.

These decisions are hard for everyone involved but particularly for employers and employees, anxiety is running high and people are concerned. Therefore, is it also essential to prioritise your mental health – Be Kind, unplug from social media, news, etc. and take some time to get some fresh air at an appropriate social distance. As a society, this too Shall Pass and we will come through this but it is important to fully follow the guidelines.

For those businesses that will continue to trade; it is vital to: 

  • increase all social distancing measures
  • increase hand hygiene
  • increase respiratory etiquette
  • ensure safe working practices for employees
  • implement COVID-19 policies and procedures
  • keep yourself and your team fully informed of the rapidly changing climate


Payments for Employees

If you find yourself having to make a decision about business closure and staff, the following choices are required;

  1. Will you continue to pay your staff the minimum payment of €203 and claim a rebate from government?
  2. Will you place your workers on short term/ temporary Lay or short time / Reduced hours?


COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment Click

  • follow the link
  • download the COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment: How to claim the emergency payment document
  • print the Form,
  • complete it
  • free-post it to the Department


The COVID-19 crisis is presenting immediate and severe financial challenges for businesses

Here are some practical steps you can take:

  1. Talk to your bank
  2. Take immediate steps to manage your cash flow
  3. Use available government supports for working capital.
  4. Get advice from your accountant or use the advisory support available from your local
    enterprise office (LEO).
  5. Check if your insurance policy covers you for an interruption in your business, or a
    temporary business closure, caused by COVID-19
  6. If you have concerns about your ability to pay your tax liabilities speak to the Revenue
  7. Be aware of other government supports available


For more information please visit the HABIC website

Click HERE to sign up to the HABIC mailing list to receive regular updates. 


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