Green Halloween?

by | Oct 30, 2019

Halloween is one of the oldest celebrations in the world, around 2000 years old. Spooky faces, fancy costumes, wild hairstyles and artistic make-up all contribute to the spirit of Halloween. British people are more involved in making October 31st as creepy as they can and this event is becoming more and more commercially and creatively critical to the British beauty industry.

But this has a cost, not only financial but also physical and environmental. To overcome this problem, here are a few ways to make your Halloween beauty look more sustainable!

No need to tell you that Halloween make-up product isn’t the greenest in the world. That’s why we have listed some alternative ways to do your Halloween makeup by being eco-friendly and sparing your skin from any harsh chemicals.

Have a look around the kitchen. Ketchup or beetroot juice for blood, cornstarch or white flour for face painting, gelatine for warts or gashes; you can have a lot of fun by creating your own Halloween makeup. Chocolate sauce or jam are also useful for a spooky look. For inspiration check out this feature over on Glamour Magazine.

To colour your hair temporarily use chalk. A childhood favourite but perfect for Halloween and more sustainable and better for your hair than over the counter chemical alternatives. Also, for those who don’t want to put any product on their hair, wigs are a great alternative and the variety and quality is amazing. If it’s good enough for Sam McKnight, it is certainly good enough for us.

For those who want to push the Halloween spirit even further and decorate your nails you can use ethical polish. There are some nail lacquers with a huge color choice for you to make the best nail art you have never done.

Kure Baazar : it’s a non-toxic nail brand. You can try the Juicy tint for some bloody nails.
Zoya : The Arizona, Alma or Beatrix tint are perfect for  pumpkin nails.
Orly Beauty : For a creepy witch look, maybe add some Nebila, Naughty, Liquid Vinyl or Bubbly bombshell on your nails.
For inspiration check out legendary nail technician Marian Newman’s book Nailed It.

Finally, alongside Halloween beauty we are also considering the costumes. It is all about doing it yourself, DIY. Not newly shop bought. But upcycling and recycling. If you are going to lengths to put together a costume make it yourself or check out some of the UK’s vintage and second hand shops. Be sustainable, be aware and go green this Halloween.


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