Understanding the Power Of Cultural Transformation with Perfect Corp

Today’s discerning, media-savvy, and culturally assertive consumer wants brands that stand for something meaningful. Winning brands must have a clear cultural point of view and a deep focus on generating value on all levels: from creativity to next generation forms of human and environmental consciousness, and community building.

To do so, brands must articulate and champion their core values, open up, listen more, and embrace culture in its full rich array and complexity. Consumers gravitate towards brands that make culture their own through authentic, collaborative statements which generate real innovation, profitability and smart, ethical scalable growth.

In this webinar, Perfect Corp. will be joined by industry experts from SelfSells and Ideatelier to unpack the cultural transformation of beauty and fashion, and its role in shaping future-proof brands.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Insights on the cultural transformation taking place in beauty and fashion retail
  • Understanding the business power of cultural transformation, including higher consumer engagement and lifetime customer value, new revenue sources, and stronger brand equity and valuation
  • The power of culture in creating engaging brand communities and fandoms
  • How digital innovation is helping to build a more sustainable, engaging, and yes, profitable future in beauty and fashion

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