Live from Glasgow: Planet Positive

As leaders from around the world come together to tackle climate change at COP26, the Sustainable Beauty Coalition (SBC) will be presenting ‘Planet Positive’, a virtual beauty event hosted from the ICE Hub in Glasgow.


Date: Tuesday 2nd November

Time: 16:00 – 17:00 GMT


How can we make greener beauty choices?


Beauty consumers are more conscious of their purchasing choices now than ever before, yet many beauty brands continue to “greenwash” shoppers by making misleading claims about the sustainability of their products. To help consumers navigate through the minefield of baffling ingredient jargon and confusing claims, the British Beauty Council’s Sustainable Beauty Coalition has created the Planet Positive Beauty Guide – a definitive industry guide featuring easy-to-digest information to help consumers make greener beauty choices more confidently.


Join journalist, author and contributing beauty editor to British Vogue Kathleen Baird Murray in conversation with Sustainable Beauty Coalition representatives, Jayn Sterland, Jo-Anne ChidleyOriele FrankHelen Cox, Jessi Baker, and Michelle Feeney as they explore how we can all be more Planet Positive.


Click here to register to watch this event virtually.

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