Digital Campaigning in the Age of Privacy with The Pull Agency

Since Apple iOS14 rolled out its update, brand have has a diminished ability to track users. Businesses have been left scrambling around for mere crumbs of data and as a result, performance marketing results – especially paid social advertising – have taken a massive hit.

In this masterclass, experts from The Pull Agency will explore the reasons for the changes, how winning brands have navigated the changes, and help you get your paid social results back on track!

Join The Pull Agency to:

  • Explore the real impact of the change, the reasons for it and help you understand the new digital landscape
  • Share campaign tips, tricks and best practice to help you navigate the post-iOS14 world and get your campaigning back on track
  • Reveal ad benchmarks and results brands can realistically expect in this ‘new normal’
  • Explore the brand building & awareness tactics winning brands are employing to get ahead since the change


Ben Waterhouse – Head of Digital Marketing – The Pull Agency
Liv Povey – Senior Content & Social Media Executive – The Pull Agency

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