Career Insights: The Making of a Makeup Artist at Graduate Fashion Week

The impact of the pandemic on all students and people aspiring to a career in the beauty industry or starting out in their careers has been a huge stumbling block. Universities and colleges across the UK are delivering curriculum virtually, with little if any face-to-face contact and many graduations have been cancelled. This makes motivation hard, particularly when they will have had no exposure to the industry guest lecturers that students typically enjoy during term.

So, it is our hope that inspiring discussions will provide that beacon of hope that there is a bright future for anyone who seeks to work towards their goals in this industry. This June our Education Pillar will be supporting Graduate Fashion Week with a live panel Career Insights: The Making of a Makeup Artist hosted by our President of Pillar, Education, Elizabeth Barnett Lawton, with makeup legends Alex Babsky, Hannah Martin, Kamanza Amihyia, and Terry Barber.

Date: Monday 14th June

Time: 7pm to 8pm

Location: Livestreamed to the Graduate Fashion Week website


Elizabeth Barnett Lawton

  • President of Pillar, Education at British Beauty Council, Educator and Former Beauty Journalist


  • Alex Babsky, Makeup Artist
  • Hannah Martin, Makeup Artist
  • Kamanza Amihyia, Hair and Makeup Artist for TV and Film
  • Terry Barber, Makeup Artist


Register now to watch the event LIVE via the Graduate Fashion Week website.

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