British Beauty Week

This year’s British Beauty Week runs from 5th-11th September and is set to be the most inclusive, accessible event yet with over 80 events nationwide.

Millie Kendall, CEO, of the British Beauty Council, says: “The beauty industry has the ability to change lives and transform Britain’s economic and social fabric. We want everyone to celebrate that fact.”

“Many people have in the past underestimated the power of beauty. But if the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that our industry is at the heart of every community. It brings people together, it boosts confidence and wellbeing, and it provides an enormous contribution to the UK’s GDP. This is all something to celebrate.”

The seven-day event will see beauty businesses from across the breadth and depth of the country coming together to host workshops, fireside chats and discounts. The immersive events span fragrance, skincare, organic beauty and nail art to provide key beauty touch points for people of all ages, wherever they live.

Check out the British Beauty Week Schedule

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