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by | Dec 23, 2020

The implementation of Tier 4 in areas of England has led to large numbers of our industry being unable to work. Beautystack want to pay you to stay connected and support your community.

Beautystack was founded by British Beauty Council Advisory Board Member Sharmadean Reid, and is an app which is designed to help professionals market their services, and connect with new clients.


Beautystack explain how to be paid through staying connected:

  1. Between here and 30 Jan, 2021, host a virtual discussion / women’s circle with your friends and followers on the Beautystack app. Yep, that’s all. It can be about anything you like – from a rant about Tier 4 to a brainstorm on new business strategies! It can even be an online chat over cocktails with your best girlfriends 🍸
  2. Keep it free of charge and accessible to everyone.
  3. Have your friends and followers RSVP on the app. If you get 10 or more of them to sign up and attend, we’ll pay you £150 straight into your bank account within 5 days of the discussion 💸
  4. We’ll share some of these events on our socials and mailers, so add some details in the description section and we’ll help expand your network of Beautystack babes! (Please include ‘Women’s Circle’ or similar in the title or description so we can see, or drop me an email and let me know!)
  5. Then..do it again! There’s no limit. Do it every day if you like and make up to £1,500! You’re playing an important role in the mental health of your friends and colleagues. By hosting a women’s circle, you’re keeping everyone connected this winter when they need it most.


This support is available until 30 Jan 2021 and a Pro can make a max. of £1,500 (10 events) through these discussions!


For more information, head over to the official Beautystack Pro announcement.

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