Do you recycle your beauty empties?

by | Mar 17, 2022

The British Beauty Council’s landmark sustainability report the ‘Courage to Change’ revealed that 90% of consumers want clearer information on how to recycle products, with 56% of Brits not recycling their bathroom products such as shampoo bottles.

In recent years, the beauty industry has evolved to be more environmentally-conscious, and a number of retailers have incorporated recycling schemes in-store.


In 2021, the British Beauty Council’s Sustainable Beauty Coalition launched the Planet Positive Beauty Guide (PPBG), which explains that packaging is one of the biggest sustainability challenges facing the beauty industry today.


Tackling the packaging crisis head-on, since 2019, L’OCCITANE have partnered with innovative recycling company TerraCycle to offer customers recycling opportunities. L’OCCITANE report that since the launch of the partnership, over 60,700 units of packaging has been collected – the equivalent of over 1,800kg rubbish out of landfill.


How does the L’OCCITANE recycling scheme work?


The recycling scheme is integrated both in-store and online.


For digital customers, simply enter ‘RECYCLE’ in the promotions box at check-out, and L’OCCITANE will send out a complimentary (100% recyclable) TerraCycle envelope to fill with L’OCCITANE empties. Return the filled envelope, for free through the Royal Mail, and L’OCCITANE will ensure its safely recycled.


Visitors to L’OCCITANE Boutiques can bring with them their empties from any beauty brand to recycle. Simply bring them in, drop them off, and receive 10% off a new full-size product in store!


Find your closest L’OCCITANE Boutique below:


In addition to L’OCCITANE’s recycling scheme, Boots, Holland and Barrett, Space NK, and Superdrug provide recycling points in-store for customers.

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