Diversifying Hair Care by Pretty Analytics

by | Mar 12, 2019

Pretty Analytics has witnessed hair care branch out into focused product lines providing more inclusive solutions for the diversity of the beauty consumer. Traditional hair concerns (e.g dandruff, oily scalp) will incorporate more niche areas such hair thinning, hair loss, and scalp skin conditions like eczema. In particular, there is a focus on hair loss and a greater understanding of how other factors besides genetics can affect this. These factors include diet, stress, environment, hair hygiene and over styling. 

The mainstream visibility and inclusivity of POC across advertising, music and film will influence the consumer demand as the media industry begins to reflect our reality of diverse cultures. The hugely positive response to films such as Black Panther in terms of inspired beauty looks is just the beginning. In turn, the beauty industry must step up to cater for this. 

Hair brands, particularly in the indie space, are stepping up offering solutions for the consumer that is looking to embrace their natural hair from different types of curls and textures to natural black hair. Embracing natural black hair comes from not only the appreciation and acceptance of identity but in how the use of chemicals has had recognised damaging effects on hair. In particular, hair loss and thinning have become greater consumer concerns. This has presented space for black natural hair brands to create products to cater for this gap in the market. There is also a major focus on hydration – something that Dizziak brand founder Loretta De Feo is tackling with her deep conditioner truly suited to afro hair and contains quinoa protein and babassu. 

Compared to June 2017, Pretty Analytics found a 51% increase in video data points with the focused topic of black natural hair care routines in June 2018.

In the UK, searches looking for specific afro hair salons increased 90% displaying a niche of the salon market open for expansion. These salons would also increase the exposure of black natural hair care brands fuelling this area of the hair care market. [Source: Google Trends]

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