Cultured Biomecare launches

by | Aug 12, 2021

Cultured is a revolutionary new way of looking after your skin. By working with and through your microbiome it delivers stronger, healthier skin that looks its best ever.

Goodbye Skincare, Hello Biomecare

The microbiome has revolutionised our understanding of skin and how it works. It’s now known to be vital to skin health, and to be able to trigger changes in skin behaviour at deeper levels of the skin. Cultured harnesses this knowledge to help skin help itself, offering a new paradigm in caring for your skin.

On one hand, Cultured supports and works with your microbiome to fortify your skin barrier, optimising skin resilience and helping skin re-balance itself. It promotes stronger, healthier skin that is less prone to dryness, sensitivity and breakouts.

On the other hand, Cultured activates cells deeper within the skin using microbiome based actives that upregulate overall skin performance. It boosts epidermal growth, skin self-renewal, skin ‘cohesion’ and the production of key proteins and enzymes vital for skin quality such as collagen, elastin and anti-microbial peptides. The result is an increase in skin quality, radiance and ‘youthfulness’.


Results Powered by Microbiome Science

The microbiome revolution has produced a new era of skincare actives and a new world of possibility in terms of effectiveness. Cultured have scoured the world for actives that are at the forefront of this bio-tech revolution in terms of performance and proof of efficacy. The actives include prebiotics, postbiotics, ferments, counter-preservatives and micro-algae extracts. They have incorporated these actives with other new-era, skin-enhancing ingredients such as fermented oils, sugar derived emulsifiers and effective yet gentle exfoliators such as succinic acid.

Thanks to the use of these ingredients, countless formulations and years of research, the fragrance free, ‘ph perfect’ formulations reportedly deliver outstanding results with light, silky, modern textures that absorb easily and have delightful skin feel.


Find out more about Cultured Biomecare here.

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