COVID-19: Scotland Update Guidance

May 5, 2021

Scotland have updated the Sport and Leisure Facilities guidance, to include changes effective from no earlier than 17th May.

The guidance has been released ahead of the indicative date of 17th May to allow facilities to prepare.


Saunas and steam rooms

This section is intended to help operators prepare for the re-opening of these facilities.

  • please follow the Coronavirus (COVID-19): calculating physical distancing capacity in public settings Guidance on how to work out the maximum number of people who can physically distance within the public setting
  • facilities should operate with 2m social distancing in place, including marked seating points in each room
  • where possible, guests should be given fixed times and staggered slots to enter the sauna or steam room. For example, if a sauna with a normal capacity for 4 individuals offers an appointment time of 12.00 – 12.15:
    – up to 2 individuals may book this slot
    – they must arrive/enter at 12.00
    – they can leave and re-enter at any time but must leave at 12.15
  • increase air flow and air changes to the maximum safe level
  • ensure that saunas, steam rooms and any equipment are cleaned regularly. This should include the beginning and end of the day and at regular intervals in-between, and where possible between users. You should consider how to manage this in your risk assessment. You can find more information in the sections on keeping the site clean and COVID-19 risk assessments


Access the Guidance here.

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