COVID-19: Northern Ireland updates from 26/07/2021

by | Jul 23, 2021

The Northern Ireland Executive announced on 22nd July that there would be a number of relaxations to their COVID restrictions.

From 26th July in Northern Ireland: 

“Domestic settings

At outdoor domestic settings a maximum of 15 people from an unlimited number of households will be permitted.

Children aged 12 and under are not counted in the total number.


Close contact services

Within close contact services the requirement for an appointment will be removed and overlapping appointments will be allowed.

We expect to have more data and advice available next week and the emerging information will help to inform the way forward on future relaxations. The remaining issues still awaiting ratification will be discussed further at Executive meetings scheduled for Monday and Thursday of next week. Vaccination remains a critical issue.

A 5% increase in adult vaccine uptake from 85% to 90% will result in an approximately 50% decrease in cases and community admissions at the peak of this wave. We ask everyone to please come forward and take up both doses of the vaccine.

As always, we also ask everyone to continue following the public health advice to help keep yourself, and everyone else, safe.”

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