COVID-19: JCCP Statement on the UK Government’s Third ‘Lockdown’ Position

by | Jan 5, 2021

British Beauty Council Affiliate JCCP have released their statement on the third national lockdown in England.

In November last year the JCCP published a document the ‘JCCP Statement on the UK Government’s Second Wave ‘Lock Down’ Position. The aim of that document was to assist practitioners to make the determination to cease or to continue to practise (under specific medical/clinically advised conditions) during the Government Covid-19 ‘lockdown’ period, to identify the circumstances that would justify resuming practice, and in so doing to ensure public safety. 


Given the Government announcement on January 4th 2021 which introduces new national restrictions, the JCCP has again reviewed its position. This third national lockdown is a restriction of all but essential services and on this basis, we have determined that the statement released in November, 2020 remains valid and consider the guidance contained within that statement continues to be relevant. 


For practitioners who are considering to provide aesthetic services at this time, we would urge you to review this document in full. However, in overview it is JCCP’s opinion that to provide services at the present time you must ensure that you:

  • Are acting in your capacity as a regulated healthcare professional;
  • Place patient safety and public protection as your primary concern; 
  • Undertake the treatment from clinical premises that meets the standards outlined in the original JCCP premises guidance and any further points contained within the JCCP’s document  ‘Continued Preparation and Adaptation of Workplace and Practice During Covid-19,  and also as required by Government guidance. 
  •  Have a written treatment plan in place to confirm the justification for their professional opinion, supported by a written evidence-based rationale for the assessment, diagnosis and proposed treatment (including a statement of intended ‘medically related’ outcomes). This conforms to expected best practice as set down by the healthcare Professional Statutory Regulatory Bodies (e.g. the GMC, GDC, NMC, HCPC and the GPhC);
    • Are able to justify that the treatment they propose to deliver is ‘medically-related’;
    • Ensure that the patient (and their associated treatment regime) has been risk assessed and deemed to be ‘urgent’ or essential, rather than either purely cosmetic or elective; 
    • Ensure that you practise ethically at all times with the spirit and context of their professional ‘Code of Practice’;
    • Comply with guidance that has been published recently on how to practise safely during the Covid-19 related emergency period;
  • Ensure that you are not seen to be encouraging people to leave their homes to attend clinics for face-to-face assessment or treatment (since members of the public should be conforming to lockdown rules) unless they themselves consider that the treatment is urgent and have made an informed decision to attend the clinic;
  • Confirm that your Insurer would still cover you during the lockdown period for any aspect of their proposed function;
  • Have regard to relevant CQC registration and compliance requirements (depending upon nature of the ‘medical procedure’ to be performed).
  • Continue to practise safely and consistently with Government Test and Trace requirements.


Professor David Sines FRCN PhD CBE 

Executive Chair 


5th January, 2021

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