COVID-19 & Influencer Marketing

by | May 12, 2020

As many businesses pivot and revise their strategy to cope with the current crisis, including in some cases, cancelling influencer campaigns, We Are Social argue that with content creators now having much more time on their hands they are a great resource for assisting with creative content.

On top of this, they have a live connection with their audiences – after all, when the crisis emerged, they couldn’t just hit pause. Instead, many have engaged with their audiences, consulting them on what they want to see during this time – meaning that they also provide a window to what audiences do, and don’t want to see right now.

Below are some reasons why now, more than ever, collaborating with beauty and lifestyle content creators could empower your brand communications.

Connection & Humanity
The time may not be right for cold selling, but it is an ideal time to focus more closely on building your brand’s ‘human identity’, working in conjunction with customers in an honest and authentic way. Influencers have earned substantial trust and connection with their fans and these factors are now proving more powerful than ever, as both content creators and their audiences depend on these relationships as a source of escapism and distraction. Ensuring your brand values coincide with those of the content creators chosen will ensure true resonance with your audience. Fostering a community and connection with customers when times are toughest will also long be remembered and valued when the crisis passes. REN’s donation of their Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask to qualifying professionals on the front line is a perfect example of this in action.

Influencers have already Adapted
Even before Covid-19 struck, there has been a significant rise in long-form video content and YouTube videos. And since lockdown rolled out over the world, we have seen more influencers adapt to this format. Tribe Dynamics reports that content creators are spending this period creating more YouTube content for their audiences, likely owing to YouTube’s longer-form video content being seen as closer to that of entertainment. Meanwhile, UK beauty influencers such as Jules von Hep and Katie Snooks have adapted their content to enable audiences to better cope with lockdown. In China, some are adjusting their beauty routine 101s to suit the wearing of masks, such as demonstrating smudge-proof lipstick and foundation that won’t stain the inside of the mask. What can your brand learn from them, and even better, do with them to adapt the times together?

Social Media use is Higher than Ever
Whilst movement is limited and many have much more time on their hands, audiences are increasingly seeking helpful and informative content, especially whilst consulting experts in-store is not an option. App Annie reports that there has been at least a 20% increase in app and mobile usage, and according to Tribe Dynamics, comments on influencer Instagram posts were 20-30% higher than typically expected across the U.K., France, Italy, and Spain.

Influencer Intelligence has shared that those influencers creating guiding content around activities to do at home whilst in isolation or working remotely, are seeing amplified engagement, as audiences are more receptive under the circumstances. With an engaged audience spending more qualitative and attentive time online, there is a now a chance to entertain and more importantly, empathise with them at a time when they truly crave connection and community.

Right now, influencers are struggling due to a reduction in campaign collaborations, but the increase in online engagement as audiences remain housebound provides fresh opportunities. Of course, the current environment means that campaigns should be approached with care. However, adapting your content strategy, reading the room, and responding to the wider needs of your audience can prove crucial to maintain conversation and build connection with them.

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