COVID-19: England’s Tiered System

by | Nov 23, 2020

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced today the tiered system which will be implemented once England comes out of lockdown.

Boris Johnson set out their post-lockdown plans for England earlier today.


National lockdown restrictions (England) will end on 2nd December, and will be replaced by a three tier system. This approach will once again seek to target measures at the appropriate geography and will stop outbreaks at source. It is vital to learn from the previous tiers and adapt them to ensure they are sufficient to keep R below 1 on a sustained basis; therefore, the Government will introduce a new, stronger and more sustainable tiers framework on 2nd December.


The below table outlines the new tier system (Source:


How does this effect our industry?

Regardless of the tier your region is in, all of PERSONAL CARE can reopen on 2nd December.


You can view the full Winter Plan here.

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