British professional skincare brand Medik8 creates 5,000 pocket-size hand sanitisers for the elderly, homeless and police

by | Apr 5, 2020

Developed in-house from lab to production, Medik8 has created 5,000 units of sanitizer in a bid to tackle the shortage and support the community amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Medik8 brand, founded by cosmetic scientist Elliot Isaacs, is widely recognised within the cosmeceutical industry for its commitment to producing effective anti-ageing skincare.

The Medik8 Hygienic Hand Rub is an 80% ethanol based, non-drying and non-sticky hand sanitizer fluid made precisely to an ‘open-source’ official WHO formulation, 4000 of which will be distributed for free to local communities, including care homes, the homeless, vulnerable and the police. With an additional 1000 being added free of charge to each online customer order from the 1st April. Their first delivery goes to our local Hertfordshire Constabulary.

Created to safeguard Medik8 staff at the beginning of March, when sanitiser was in short supply, the concept evolved as the global situation developed – and this is when the ‘Medik8 Helping Hands’ project started.

Daniel Isaacs, Director of Research for Medik8 says ‘We are lucky to be able to work in an environment that we can utilise our skills amidst this pandemic, and in doing so, can enable local communities to protect themselves as best they can. We cannot make ventilators, but we can make sanitizer.’

Medik8 founder, Elliot Isaacs continues ‘This health crisis shows the entire human race can unite to face off a common enemy, and we all have a part to play. I am grateful for the chance to use our ISO capabilities for the community, and on a personal level, to be able to deliver 500 bottles to elderly neighbours’ doors, for those who cannot leave their homes, or locate any sanitizer locally.’

On retaining hygiene standards and safety during this period of uncertainty, Elliot Isaacs says ‘We have a trusted skeleton crew in place at the production and warehouse facility, who remain under strict social distancing measures at 3m apart at all times. Only 5 people in a space the size of a football field. Staff are driving into work alone, and are wearing disposable medical gloves, hairnets, and overshoes and avoiding touching their face and surfaces.’

All formula development and production is done in house at Medik8, allowing for acceleration of the normal lengthier protocols during product development. Presented as a cosmetic rub to further fast-track the speed to market, The Hygienic Hand Rub follows the exact formula and method mandated by the World Health Organisation, acting as a reliable assurance of efficacy.

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