British Beauty Council stresses the importance of patch testing as adverse reactions are reported to be possibly linked to COVID

Sep 24, 2021

The British Beauty Council is continuing to liaise with Public Health agencies in the UK regarding recent reports of adverse reactions to chemicals and dyes that could be linked to Coronavirus. Practitioners have reported cases of returning clients who have previously contracted COVID-19 having allergic reactions to products they have previously had no adverse reaction to.

Victoria Brownlie, Chief Policy Officer at the British Beauty Council comments “Adverse reactions to chemicals and dyes on the skin within hair and beauty is something we must take seriously and mitigate to avoid where possible. This is why patch testing and following manufacturer instructions is so important for both professionals and consumers using products from home. In terms of understanding the science behind this and finding solutions, as more side effects emerge from those who have had Coronavirus, further investigation is urgently needed. Particularly, if this is likely to have ongoing implications for the sector and its clientele and therefore the sector’s recovery.”


Whilst the side effects to the COVID-19 virus remain largely unknown and unverified it is important that the hair and beauty sector remains cautious and vigilant to any allergic reactions to their products. It remains good practice to patch test all clients regularly, especially after periods of illness.


The British Beauty Council recommends:

  1. Always carry out allergy alert tests at least 48 hours before the client’s scheduled appointment.
  2. Always follow manufacturer instructions (some have provided COVID specific guidance).
  3. If in doubt – don’t take the risk!

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