British Beauty Council Reveals the Secrets Behind the Lab Doors

by | Mar 12, 2021

The British Beauty Council has pledged to tell the Beauty Science Story by teaming up with innovation leaders to open their laboratory doors, emphasising the crucial role that science and scientists play in driving the beauty industry forward.

Acknowledging that there is a lack of awareness about the innovation, people and passion that underpin the British beauty industry and its products, the Beauty Science Story will help bloggers, media and influencers improve consumers’ knowledge and understanding of what lies behind the products they know and love.


To launch the initiative, the Council held a Beauty Science Panel during British Science Week, on Thursday 11th March. The event was hosted in collaboration with British Science Association (BSA) and features guest speakers including the BSA’s Katherine Mathieson, Dr Ged O’Shea of No7 Beauty Co, Dr Barbara Brockway of SCS, Dr Neil Carpenter of NMC2 and Ivana Knezevic of DECIEM.  Then in September 2021 during British Beauty Week, the Beauty Science Masterclass Series, will feature a series of events that aim to involve and inspire the digital community about the beauty science story.


Did you watch our Smashing Stereotypes in Science and Beauty Webinar? If you missed it, or want to watch it again, you can view it in our Member Zone!


The Council will explore the fascinating world of beauty science with the aim of opening up exciting new career opportunities and promoting greater diversity in the sector, through film, talks, fireside chats and webinars, including:

  • An insight into the many years of research and academic studies behind the launch of major skincare products, including 70,000-strong consumer panels and tests on 2,500 different types of wrinkles
  • The vast breadth of scientific careers and expertise behind every product to understand the 19 million cells in every inch of skin,
  • First-hand accounts from the scientists behind the products, including formulation scientists, dermatologists, chemists, physicists, biologists, packaging technicians, data analysts and sustainability experts to name a few,
  • The engineering behind skincare used to turn the contents of a petri-dish into a mass-market moisturiser,
  • How product claims are robustly tested
  • The new and exciting technologies and breakthrough ingredients that are transforming the sector (e.g. ethnobotany, biomicry)


“The importance of science in beauty has never been greater. We want to inspire the next generation to take up science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Beauty is an exciting and inspiring industry that keeps on growing – the global skincare market alone is estimated to be worth $180 billion by 2024. There are opportunities for British scientists all over the world in our industry and we need people from every possible background to meet the widely diverse needs that enhance consumers’ lives.

We want to energise this knowledge and give our industry the admiration it deserves.  We want everyone who picks up a product to feel great about the miracle that is in their hand and we want those considering a career in science to be drawn in by the multiplicity of our industry

– Jane Boardman, British Beauty Council Chairman


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