British Beauty Brand Lush : “A cosmetic revolution to save the planet”

Jul 24, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has offered brands a chance to review their business strategy, reviewing areas of strength and weakness.

For Lush, this period of lockdown has allowed the brand to conduct a portfolio review of its 670 products against the following criteria. 

  • Does it serve customers’ needs?
  • Is it number one in its category?
  • Is it part of a cosmetic revolution?

As a result, the brand will be discontinuing 150 products (20% of its assortment). The decision follows Lush CEO Mark Constanine’s mission to create a ”cosmetic revolution to save the planet.”

Lush will be reviewing products across its bath bomb, bath oils, bubbles, shower, body, face, make-up, oral care, soap, and hair categories.

In a statement, the brand said: “There are bound to be some disappointments but far many more opportunities as we make room to create things that are best in their class – fewer products, that give you better results.”

The newly launched kitchen subscription box is not only a monthly delivery of retro favourites but also offers subscribers a chance to vote on the contents, so we might see our favourite discontinued products again!


Source:Beauty Matter

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