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by | Jul 31, 2020

It has come as a huge blow to the beauty industry today that we cannot reopen those treatments and services in and around the face area on August 1st 2020 as originally announced by the Prime Minister on July 17th. The news coming at the 11th hour has caused a shockwave throughout the beauty services sector and has affected businesses small and large who had prepared to open tomorrow.

The Prime Minister has said, “with infection numbers creeping up, our assessment is that we should tighten some measures in order to keep the virus under control.

We will therefore be postponing the reopening of those close contact services that involve operating in the highest risk zone around the nose and mouth, until 15 August at the earliest. At all times we are guided by the science and it is our ambition to reopen them as soon as we can.

In addition to the close contact services mentioned above, the following will remain closed until 15 August at the earliest”

  • Casinos, bowling alleys, skating rinks.
  • Indoor performances.
  • Pilots of larger crowds in sports venues and conference centres will not take place.
  • Wedding receptions of up to 30 people will not be permitted, but ceremonies can continue to take place, in line with COVID-Secure guidelines.
  • Saunas and steam rooms.

 For full transcript of the Prime Minister’s statement click link here 

For a list of close contact services and the restrictions imposed click link here 

In those areas in the North West where new restrictions have been added, mobiles working on the body ( not the face ) can continue to work in people’s houses or have people come to their houses for permitted treatments. The relevant Q&A on says:

Can people still come into my house if it’s part of their job?

Yes. People can still come inside your home when they’re doing so as part of their work. See guidance on working safely in other people’s homes.

In regards to Leicester, beauty salons must remain closed.

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