Boots rename ‘feminine hygiene’ to ‘period products’ to tackle taboos

by | Apr 11, 2022

British retailer Boots announced in their Beauty Trends 2022 report that they have renamed  the ‘feminine hygiene’ page online and on their app to ‘period products’, with in-store signage currently under review with plans to update it later this year.

The Beauty Trends 2022 report identifies six key emerging trends which include: beauty for everyone, scalp-focused haircare, and maximalist makeup.


The rebranding of feminine hygiene products as ‘period products’ is one of the companies ways of tackling taboos. The report reads “brands can play an important role in changing the perception around shame and secrecy so often linked to the monthly cycle”.


“When it comes to periods, we know retailers can play an important role in changing people’s perceptions, including the words we use to describe products. We are proud to be implementing this change at Boots, starting with removing words like “hygiene” and “sanitary” and much more proudly saying ‘Period Products’ on and the Boots App. We are currently reviewing signage in store too, which will be updated later in the year.
Boots is one of the leading pharmacies in the UK, and throughout our 170 year history we have always taken periods seriously. Period products are essentials, and we want to ensure our customers can find and access all of the products they need with ease at Boots.”

– Jamie Kerruish, Beauty Director – Boots UK


Access the full Boots Beauty Trends Report 2022 here.

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