Boots expands recycling scheme to allow for more sustainable management

by | Sep 27, 2021

The expansion of the ‘Recycle at Boots’ scheme to 700 stores means that more customers can now visit their local Boots store and drop off their hair, beauty, wellness and dental empties to be recycled.

The British retailer, in collaboration with the brand No7, launched Recycle at Boots last year. Since it’s launch, over half a million products have been recycled by Boots customers, the success of the pilot in 50 stores has led to the expansion of the scheme to 700 stores across the country. This in turn has lead to the recycling scheme being dubbed as the “most accessible beauty, health & wellness recycling scheme of its kind in the UK” by OPRL.


How does it work?


Customers are now able to bring their empty products to 700 stores across the UK, once in-store customers can visit the No7 area which houses the recycling point. Once the product has been brought in by the customer, Boots will send the product on to their Recycling Partner, My Group, where they are then transformed into new items. Boots is using first-to-market technology, with a promise not to send any of the hard-to-recycle items to landfill or incineration.


This initiative is part of Boots strategy to reduce their environmental impact on the planet. Using the Scan2Recycle technology, the scheme allows customers to drop off their empty products at the in-store recycle bins, which then leads to them being rewarded with 250 Boots Advantage Card points, when 5 empty products are brought in to be recycled, the points will be added to the customer’s Boots loyalty card (when spending £10).


This move to an accessible recycling scheme shows that Boots has listened to customers, and their demand for a more transparent and traceable recycling management programme.


“We’re excited to support Boots in developing the first mass scale recycling scheme for hard-to-recycle beauty, health and wellness products. We worked closely with Boots to develop a set of criteria to ensure the credibility of the scheme, including full transparency of where the products go after they are deposited, with not a single piece of packaging going to landfill. We hope customers up and down the country will use this great scheme and are really looking forward to seeing the positive change that it has on the environment.”

 Jane Bevis, Chair of OPRL Ltd


How can I take part in the Recycle at Boots scheme?


Simply register here and follow the steps to begin recycling and collect your rewards!


Find out more about the Recycle at Boots scheme, and locate your nearest participating store here.

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