‘Myth Busting Beauty’ panel discussion

by | Sep 10, 2019

With so much information out there, it’s difficult to know where to go for beauty advice you can trust.

We’ve invited a panel of highly-respected professionals to discuss truth and lies in the beauty industry. Hosted by Beauty Papers, our “Myth Busting Beauty” discussion panel features Sam Farmer, Dija Ayodele and Dr Sam Bunting.

Social media is full of people competing for the consumer’s attention and money, and giving advice they aren’t necessarily qualified to offer.

“The Internet has helped educate and enlighten women on ingredients that actually help them solve problems, but it has also created so much choice and elevated so many guiding voices that women don’t know where to turn,” says Dr Sam Bunting.

Aesthetician Dija Ayodele adds, “we have to be mindful that there are all sorts of people on social media, all with differing agendas to promote.”

While some are well-intentioned (if misguided), others have less benign motives. “Profit can be made from the consumer’s lack of understanding using fear and misinformation,” says Sam Farmer.

Book your ticket today for this important discussion that will help you separate beauty fact from fiction.

The event takes place on September 14 at the London Beauty Week Hub at 13-14 Floral Street in Covent Garden. Doors at 3:30pm with panel discussion from 4-5pm.

100% of the ticket price will go to Beauty Banks, a non-profit that redistributes personal care and beauty products to help fight hygiene poverty. You will also be able to bring your product donations on the day.

The Panel

Dija Ayodele(panellist)

With more than a decade in the beauty and aesthetic industry, Dija Ayodele is a London based aesthetician and founder of the Black Skin Directory – an award winning and pioneering platform that enables people of colour to access dermatologists, aestheticians and other skincare professionals who are specifically qualified and experienced in treating and working with the unique physiology of darker skin tones.

Additionally, Dija sits on the advisory board of the British Beauty Council.


Sam Farmer (panellist)

Sam Farmer launched his Unisex teenage personal care range in 2013, the products are now sold throughout the UK.

Sam is passionate about challenging the gender segregation of young adults in the cosmetics industry and believes the personal care industry can have a positive impact on the lives of young people and how they feel about themselves.

Sam has sat for three years on the Council of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists (SCS), Chaired the SCS ‘Scrub Up On Science’ schools education committee and is the founder of the influential CIN (Cosmetic Information Network)


Dr Sam Bunting (panellist)

Dr Sam Bunting is the founder of the DR SAM BUNTING + ASSOCIATES, and her eponymous brand, Dr Sam’s. She’s widely considered to be a beauty insider’s best-kept secret.

She’s passionate about making expert skincare advice more accessible and helping women understand that a visit to her office is not just for troublesome skin conditions.

Through her media and TV work, as a presenter on TLC’s Extreme Beauty Disasters, Dr Sam helps demystify the beauty arena with her no-nonsense approach to skin.


Beauty Papers (host)

Beauty Papers is a creative platform where the worlds leading beauty artists, photographers, writers and cultural commentators play, provoke, confuse and inspire.
Beauty Papers is a fast growing cultural experience, a place where beauty is in our blood, a place for brands to collaborate and engage.
Founded by Maxine Leonard and Valerie Wickes.

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