Beauty industry unites to highlight sustainable business practices

by | Jun 10, 2022

It is reported that 45% of consumers are interested in buying brands which concentrate on circular and sustainable practices*. The EcoBeautyScore Consortium has been created to empower individuals to make sustainable choices through an environmental impact assessment and scoring system.

Comprised of small and large companies and associations, including the British Beauty Council, L’Oréal, the Estée Lauder Companies, COTY, and PZ Cussons, from four continents, the Consortium is truly global and inclusive, and remains open for other companies and associations to join.


The Consortium is developing an industry-wide environmental impact assessment and scoring system for cosmetics products. The aim is to help provide consumers with clear, transparent, and comparable environmental impact information, based on a common science-based methodology. This will help to meet growing consumer demand for greater transparency about the impact of cosmetics products on the environment (including formula, packaging, and usage).


Members of the EcoBeautyScore Consortium have started to work together. A footprinting and scoring prototype is targeted for the end of 2022, providing the environmental scoring for a selection of product categories. It will then be verified by independent parties.


The EcoBeautyScore Consortium is calling on cosmetics and personal care companies and professional associations to join this unique initiative.


The Consortium is open to all cosmetics and personal care companies, regardless of their size or resources. To find out more contact:


*Source: Capgemini Research Institute, Circular Economy for a sustainable future report

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