Beauty Backed’s Impact

by | Oct 22, 2020

Beauty Backed was launched this August, with the purpose of raising both funds and support for the reopening of the Beauty industry in its entirety.


Advisory Board Member Caroline Hirons launched Beauty Backed alongside the British Beauty Council and BABTAC, as well as being supported by huge numbers of industry experts and influencers. So far, the initiative has raised over £500,000 for Hair and Beauty Charity, which provides help to beauty industry professionals in need of support.


Since August, a variety of fundraising initiatives have launched, including:

  • Lisa Potter-Dixon’s Mystery Bags
    • Lisa raised over £50,000 through her fundraising initiatives
  • Caroline Hirons’s Beauty Backed Bonanza Raffle
    • Caroline’s Raffle has so far raised £143,000. UPDATE: Caroline drew the winners for the Beauty Backed Bonanza Raffle Live on her Instagram, where she announced that it raised an astonishing £180,270.00! This incredible fundraising means that collectively Beauty Backed has raised over £585,000 for Hair and Beauty Charity.



The Beauty Backed gofundme is still live, if you can afford to donate, you can find the fundraising page here. All of the money raised for Beauty Backed is being donated to Hair and Beauty Charity, who offer financial support to individuals and their families facing difficult times via an application process.



We spoke with Hair and Beauty Charity President, Samantha Grocutt, to find out more about the charity and the impact that Beauty Backed is having.


Since launching in August, Beauty Backed has raised over £500,000 for the Hair and Beauty Charity. How will this amazing amount of money impact the work the charity does?


Like many charities, we’ve been unable to get out and about to do our usual fundraising so there was, without a doubt, a real worry of what was going to happen and how were we going to support not just our usual beneficiaries but the additional increase of people needing help, from COVID-19.  The Beauty Backed campaign has been a real life line for the charity and has enabled us to support those people in our industry, who have a real need.


The Hair and Beauty Charity was launched in 1836 to help hair and beauty specialists in need. We have seen over the past 6 months just how detrimental COVID-19 has been on the beauty industry. How can someone in need of the Hair and Beauty Charity’s support get in touch?


It really shows what a caring industry we all come from that the charity has been around for so long.  Never before have we been needed more, though. Our website is a great resource and explains who and how we help.  It’s very much about personal support, not business.  We have a form that you can complete online for ease and speed.  The charity is fast-tracking applications during COVID as we realise that people are in desperate need.



“The support and funds that Caroline Hirons and Beauty Backed have achieved is just outstanding and we are so grateful.  Not only from the funds raised but also raising the awareness of the charity.  We are eager to help those in the professional hair, beauty and barbering industry and urge your members to keep sharing the work the charity does, so we can help even more people.”

Samantha Grocutt, President, Hair and Beauty Charity




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