BABTAC launches T.I.M.E initiative to help consumers identify safe treatments

by | Jan 27, 2023

The British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (BABTAC) unveiled its T.I.M.E initiative in Parliament yesterday. Supported by leading voices in the sector, the programme is designed to signpost consumers to salon safety 

Non-surgical procedures have become increasingly accessible, which has driven unmatched numbers of consumers to get treatments including Botox and filler. This demand, and lack of regulation in the industry, have meant that more people are carrying out procedures without the relevant training, insurance, or suitable premises.

Despite this, a recent survey carried out by Beauty Backed found that 56% of consumers still believe the non-surgical cosmetics industry is regulated.

To protect consumers against potentially dangerous procedures, BABTAC has launched a framework for people to use when considering getting ‘tweakments’. It urges people to think about whether their practitioners have:

  • TRAINING – What training and qualifications, including continual professional development (CPD) do they and all their staff have?
  • INSURANCE – Are they insured & who by?
  • MONITORING – Do they carry out important pre and post-appointment processes such as patch tests, consultations & aftercare?
  • EVIDENCE – Can they provide certified proof of training and insurance and client testimonials?

The programme has been championed by the British Beauty Council’s CEO Millie Kendall OBE, Beauty Backed’s Caroline Hirons, Black Skin Directory’s Dija Ayodele, and SGI’s Candice Glanville.

‘We’re so pleased to be launching the TIME initiative, with the support of some key leaders in the beauty sector,’ started Lesley Blair MBE, Chair of BABTAC. She goes on: ‘Lack of regulation in our industry means that consumers are being exposed to potentially unsafe situations all too often, and so we’ve seen a wave of ‘botched’ beauty treatments in recent years as a result. This regulatory checklist aims to serve as a simple but effective reminder for consumers to help them choose evidence-based, professional fit-for-purpose services, whilst minimising any risk.’ 

Millie Kendall OBE said: ‘It is worrying that such a high percentage of consumers are completely unaware that the beauty industry remains largely unregulated and also demonstrates the need for a widespread education.

‘We’re pleased to be supporting BABTAC with the launch of the TIME initiative, which will help inform consumers on what they should be looking for when choosing a treatment, the questions they should be asking their therapist, and the potential implications that can arise when seeking services from unqualified individuals.’

To close, Caroline Hirons highlighted the importance of the launch, saying: ‘After a difficult two years, we’ve seen hundreds of beauty professionals and businesses approach the Beauty Backed Trust for support with accessing training or help to get back on their feet.

‘The purpose of Beauty Backed is to support beauty professionals while protecting the industry we love so much. The TIME initiative will help to elevate this valuable industry, whilst empowering consumers to understand how to safely identify trained professionals when choosing their treatments.’

You can find out more about the BABTAC T.I.M.E Initiative here

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