B Beauty Navigator: Certified brands collaborate to launch a guide to better informed sustainability-oriented choices

by | Apr 11, 2023

The B Corp Beauty Coalition – 66 brands championing planet friendly practices – has launched the B Beauty Navigator. The digital platform is a one-stop-shop for advice across sourcing, logistics, and packaging designed to encourage consumers and brands to be more sustainable

Launched last week, the B Beauty Navigator is a working database of peer-reviewed resources that is free for all to use. From packaging mapping, which ‘intends to provide Cosmetic Companies with Guidelines to support their packaging design process’, to a ‘Greener Logistics Guide’ the library defines the areas where brands and consumers can do better – together. 

The platform comes after a year of steadfast work by three working groups appointed by B Corp. The groups – packaging, greener logistics, and ingredients – put their brains together to compile specific resources that relate directly to beauty businesses, big and small.

The B Beauty Navigator can be accessed by anyone interested in learning more about the ins-and-outs of a more conscious beauty industry. It’s an ever-evolving platform ‘that will continue to grow as more insights connecting beauty with sustainability are revealed, validated and published’.

Considering all aspects of the supply chain, each of the resources spans information on aesthetics, efficacy, cost, and compatibility. The documents help beauty lovers unpick their purchases and production processes and initiative promote self-assessment – particularly via supplier questionnaires – so that brands engage with themselves to put a better foot forward. 

The B Beauty Navigator joins a growing number of peer-reviewed information sources designed to create a greener industry, including the Planet Positive Beauty Guide

This digestible guide to greenwashing was published in response to the recommendations made in the British Beauty Council’s Courage to Change report. This whitepaper also highlighted the importance of certifications – including those offered by B Lab – for a more sustainable future of beauty.

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