Alternative plastic not just reserved for premium brands

by | Jun 24, 2019

Among UK and US internet users over 50% ave reduced the amount of disposable plastic they use in the past year.

The 2019 edition of Luxe Pack included a report on an industry newly attuned to sustainability, awakened by customer sentiment and mass market cosmetics brand racing to green-up their products.

As consumer push ore assertively for change and retailers consider plastic-free aisles, environmentally friendly packaging is being adopted by more and more companies and is no longer a boutique brand quest. This is good news for sustainable packaging suppliers who are finding themselves in meetings with global corporations and core beauty companies, not just nice, looking for higher volumes.

Meanwhile the deadline to hit sustainable cosmetics has been set for 2025, and L”Oreal is among a crop of global EMCG companies to sigh the New Plastics Economy Global Community (NPGEC). Launched in October 2018, more than 350 organisations have pledged to make all plastic packaging, reusable or composibleby 2025.

While not a signatory, Estee Lauder Companies recently announced the by the same year, 75-100% of its packaging will be “recyclable, reusable, recycled or recoverable”. These promises leave little doubt that eco-friendly packaging – in all its presentations – is now a mass market phenoneman.

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