Isamaya Ffrench, Teresa Tarmey and Kate Phelan join new cohort of experts welcomed to the British Beauty Council Advisory Board

by | Feb 13, 2024

The British Beauty Council is pleased to welcome new experts to its Advisory Board in preparation for the launch of a new membership programme

The British Beauty Council works to raise the reputation of the industry, and all of the sectors that exist within it. One of its main industry touch points is its esteemed Advisory Board, which has aided in raising awareness of the organisation’s work and provided unique insights into the current challenges and opportunities that exist within beauty. 

Today, the Council is pleased to welcome a new cohort of industry professionals to the Board, from the realms of makeup, fragrance, hair, aesthetics and tech. 

From the appointment of new-gen creatives Isamaya Ffrench, Lucy Bridge and Sylvie Macmillan to aesthetic expert Teresa Tarmey and consultant dermatologist Dr Alexis Granite, the new appointments will bring new knowledge to the existing members. 

This increased depth of industry insight will enable the Council to formulate an increasingly aware and cohesive roadmap for its next growth phase, starting 2025. 

In addition to those mentioned above, the new cohort includes: fashion editor and stylist, Kate Phelan; beauty tech founder, Claire Aggarwal; perfumer, Azzi Glasser; lash and brow expert and brand founder, Shavata Singh; and hair stylist, Neil Moodie.

On the cohort’s acceptance of their role, Millie Kendall OBE, CEO of the organisation, said: ‘I am delighted to welcome such a renowned panel of industry experts to our existing Advisory Board. There is no doubt that the insights these new appointments will provide to the Council will be impactful and influential. I hope that through their work, the members of the Advisory Board will continue to aid the Council in its important work in raising the reputation of the industry.’

The new members will sit alongside the 70-strong existing Advisory Board members and Ambassadors including Kate Moss, Bobbi Brown, Sam McKnight and more. You can view the full Advisory Board here

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