#24DaysOfGratitude: Lady Garden Foundation

by | Dec 30, 2020

The British Beauty Council is proud to have so many amazing Charity Affiliates. As part of our #24DaysOfGratitude campaign, we are speaking to our Charity Affiliates about what they’re grateful for from 2020, as well as looking forward to the year ahead.

Image credit: Lady Garden Foundation


What are you grateful for this year?


We are grateful for the endless support of our ”Lady Gardeners”. We don’t need to point out what a difficult year it has been for so many including all charities but the way our supporters have dug deep throughout the year meaning we can carry on our work and carry on fighting to improve the gynae health of women everywhere, means the world to us.


What work/achievements as a charity are you most proud of from 2020?


Having our events all cancelled meant we had to pivot our strategy and we have pushed ourselves to do some things none of saw coming, countless online events, an online auction, virtual challenges, setting up an ecommerce store to retail our brand partnerships and more. It’s all been a learning curve but we have done it and they’ve been successful so that’s even better!


The clinical trial that we part funded has also started seeing some really positive results ands so we are so proud to know that money our supporters have raised truly is changing women’s lives and improving gynae health. That’s why we are here and its why we will keep going for many many years to come!


What are you looking forward to in 2021 as a charity?


Hopefully live events once more! We miss seeing everyone and interacting with our supporters in that way. We want to expand our remit and our audience too so hopefully by the end of next year we will have reached so many more people and spread the important awareness messaging around prioritising your gynaecological health even further.


How can people support the Lady Garden Foundation going forward? 


By talking! Conversation can save lives. We want everyone to talk openly about their gynae health from periods to reproductive health to menopause and everything in between. Banishing the stigma and taboo around the topic still needs work so get talking everyone and spread the awareness of signs and symptoms and confidence in knowing your own body. Don’t be embarrassed to say the word Vagina out loud. It’s a brilliant word. As is Vulva, and cervix and discharge and more. You get the idea! Stay tuned to our website and social feeds too for events, brand partnerships and other ways you can support The Lady Garden throughout 2021.


Thank you to everyone who has followed us, supported us and shared who we are throughout 2020. We look forward to seeing you all next year!


Image credit: Lady Garden Foundation


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