24 Days of Gratitude

by | Dec 24, 2020

If you follow us on social media, you will be aware of our #24DaysOfGratitude campaign; we are spending the month of December celebrating our incredible industry.

The British Beauty Council has dedicated the month of December to celebrating the British beauty industry. From the heart of our high streets, to the runways at fashion week, the beauty industry is an integral part of Britain’s DNA.



We spoke with a number of British Beauty Council Advisory Board Members to find out what they are grateful for as this year comes to a close.


“I’m grateful for my friends and family who have the ability to lift me up when I am down and encourage me to keep going!”

– Sharmadean Reid


“If COVID-19 is the worst disaster we have to go through in our life time I’ll be grateful, by comparison to those living or been through wars, we have got off lightly. I’m so grateful for the time it’s given me to reflect, recalibrate and reconnect with people, I had forgotten how much I’d missed. It’s almost like mother nature has sent us all back to our bedrooms to think about what we have done to the planet.  I’m grateful for the inspiration I’ve seen on dreadful haircuts and colours in the streets, and the reminder to the world that hairdressing is a craft and a skill, not a job. But mostly Im grateful for the fact that as a race, I think we are all a little bit kinder to one another, and thats the best beauty of all.”

– John Vial


“This year I am so grateful to my beautiful family for the precious time we have spent together. For holding me when times were hard and allowing me to hold them when their grasp was slipping. I am so deeply inspired by my children

– Zoe Taylor


“I am grateful for the fortitude, bravery, creativity and safety of the Cult Beauty team. To look at this year in a positive light, adversity gives people the opportunity to shine, it blows away the cobwebs of niggly gripes and brings teams together. We are a stronger unit after the experiences of 2020.

I’m also thankful for the extra time lockdown gifted me with my one-year-old daughter, it’s such a special time, a significant amount of which I would have missed of holed up in the office. Once she turns [terrible] two, I might be a little more inclined to commute again”

-Alexia Inge


Board Members Sharmadean Reid, John Vial, Alexia Inge and Zoe Taylor.


What have we celebrated on our Instagram? (@britishbeautycouncil)


In the first week of December, we celebrated: Industry Recognition, Beauty Reopening, The Valued Industry, Unity, Responsible Beauty, Industry Experts and Influencers, and our Defining Beauty Report.


We spent the second week in the month toasting: Salons, the Highly Skilled Workforce, Our Advisory and Executive Boards, Collaboration, our Pillar teams, British Beauty Weekend, our Patrons,


The final days of #24DaysOfGratitude saw us celebrate: Technology, Charity, Self-Employed, our Operational Team, Retail Resilience, Social Mobility, E-Commerce, Inclusivity and our amazing Members.


A Final Word from CEO Millie Kendall MBE:

” Without getting too emotional I want to thank the entire British Beauty Industry for their resilience, dedication and passion for returning to work during these uncertain times, for canvassing local government, friends, family and colleagues to support our robust and diverse workforce. This past year I have seen the industry come together like never before, and it was our vision in 2018 to see this type of collaboration come to fruition.”
Thank you for being the most amazing support network for me, my colleagues and each other”


Thank you all for your continued support!


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