2024 Beauty Trends: Peach fuzz, biohacking, and ‘no-poo’ hair routines 

by | Dec 15, 2023

From Pantone 13-1023 to alternative cleansing routines – and even the return of the hangover – 2024 is set to see beauty enter new realms. Here are the British Beauty Council’s predictions for what beauty will become in the next 12 months…

A huge part of what we do at the Council is ensuring we stay ahead of what’s happening in the UK beauty market, so that we’re armed with the newest innovations and trends when we need to prove how lucrative our industry is.

Knowing this, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and pulled together five key beauty trends for 2024 with the help of leading forecasters and trend-setters. Read on to stay ahead of the curve in the New Year. 

Colour cosmetics will start reaching for peach 

You can always rely on Pantone’s Colour of the Year to be a leading light in the colour cosmetics world, year on year. So following the announcement that Peach Fuzz is 2024’s colour, it’s time to pack your makeup bag with apricot-toned bronzers, eyeshadows, balms and shimmers. 

‘(The colour) needed to be one that’s warm and welcoming, whilst conveying a message of compassion and empathy, one that was nurturing, whose cosy sensibility brought people together and elicited a feeling of tactility,’ explained Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Colour Institute. So approach peach with a sense of peace – no harsh lines but a blurred and buffed path to apricot.

The return of the hangover, and products to reverse it 

Post-pandemic, beauty consumers are increasingly finding that sometimes life gets in the way of their eight step lockdown routines – and that’s totally fine. 

‘Low-maintenance ‘hangover’ beauty products are designed to address the effects of late nights and partying without judgement or hassle,’ states WGSN’s top beauty trends report. So, you’ll find Gen-Z’s sporting under eye patches, colourful face masks and ice masks in a bid to reverse the effects of the night before, in no-time. 

Ahead of its time, food chain Pho opened up a ‘hangover-cure’ pop up earlier this month which combined Vietnamese street food with vitamin infused IV drips. Which takes us on to…

Biohacking for inner-and-outer beauty 

Although it might sound futuristic, biohacking has been around for centuries – people just aren’t 100% sure what it is. 

Defined as ‘do it yourself biology’, biohacking is basically anything you do when you take health into your own hands, to enhance your holistic health. From meditation to IV drips, biohackings beauty boom has been bubbling for years now, but it’s set to reach its pinnacle next year. 

As people continue to realise the power of inner health for better skin barriers, expect longer queues for close-to-viral biohacking experts like London-based skin health specialist Jasmina Vico and British Beauty Council Advisory Board Member Dr Vali. 

Consumers switch to no-poo routines for hair – and wallet – health 

According to British Beauty Council Patron WGSN, 132.2m users are exploring #NoShampoo content, showcasing a clear appetite for a slimming down of their shower routines. Stemming from ‘co-washing’ which has long been a routine for the Black community, people are ditching shampoo for hair health, and to save coins. 

The ‘Key Trend 2024: The No-Poo Hair Movement’ report, reads: ‘The no-poo movement has been buoyed by hair-health-conscious audiences prioritising clean ingredients traditionally seen in skincare. Rising costs are also driving an interest in shorter routines and hardworking multitasking formulas.’ 

Enter: Ectoin, the new amino acid on the block

According to BeautyPie’s 2024 beauty trends report, the amino acid derivative, Ectoin, is set to take centre stage in our skincare routines in the New Year. Combining the moisturising properties of hyaluronic acid and the barrier boosting effects of niacinamide, Ectoin binds water molecules and creates a protective shield, helping to stabilise cell membranes and protect proteins.

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