The British beauty business employs over a million people and it is thought to be worth some £17 billion*, its indisputable contribution to the UK economy growing steadily year-on-year.


The British Beauty Council (BBC) has been founded to represent the voices, opinions and needs of the British beauty industry.  We are committed to developing excellence and growth in a sector that is a significant contributor to the British economy.
Our ambition is to ensure that the beauty industry is recognised and valued at all levels of government, through the wider economy and by consumers. We have identified three pillars through which we will focus our energy and the support so generously provided by organisations, individuals and global influencers from within our sector.
The British Beauty Council education pillar aims to attract the best talent into the industry by giving students a clear understanding of how to study and train for key roles. To ensure the future growth and success of the British beauty industry, the BBC aims to establish a charitable trust to support initiatives to attract, develop and retain talent.
The purpose of this pillar is to promote the British beauty industry’s public-facing image and as a world leader in creativity, business and innovation. This will include providing business expertise, advice and support to budding entrepreneurs, and highlighting innovation in technology and industry engagement with digital.

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