The British Beauty Council (BBC) has been founded to represent the voices, opinions and needs of the British beauty industry.  We are committed to developing excellence and growth in a sector that is a significant contributor to the British economy.

19th July 2018

The Beauty Industry is Ready to Tackle Sustainable Packaging Innovation by Pretty Analytics

One of the biggest shifts taking space within beauty is the commitment, research and innovation towards sustainable futures. Delving into sustainable ingredient sourcing, supply chain processes […]
17th July 2018

Gen X & quality consumption

Millennials seem to garner the lion’s share of attention in the magazine world these days. Aside from iconic Baby Boomer brands the newsstand reads like a social […]
16th July 2018

Freckle Feels

British Beauty Council loves that freckles are all the rage, despite the shade that is thrown at sun exposure & the dark ways this can impact […]
13th July 2018
Body care boom

Ready for an invasion of body snatchers?

Market trend experts are predicting a boom in body care next year, with body ‘skin care’ becoming as important as face skin care. On the cards […]
20th June 2018

Emerging Trend: Wildcrafted Beauty by Pretty Analytics

“Farm to table” eating is a concept we see digging its roots deeper into the beauty industry. It’s about creating a sustainable, transparent and traceable journey […]
11th June 2018
Ally Journey

Amly journey By Kerry Moore

My journey to launching a skincare brand has perhaps not been a traditional one. I originally planned to be a doctor, then after a (very) brief […]


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